magic masala, monsoon and momos…

…these are a few of my first day things.

After 36 hours of traveling I arrived in Kathmandu yesterday Morning (evening for the rest of you). The traveling aspect actually went by a lot faster than one would expect. This could be partially due to the fact that I didn’t sleep the night before my departure (who would expect any less from me?) and therefore slept a lot on the flights. Or it could be that there was a whopping 167 movie choices to watch on my flight from from Newark to Delhi!

We had a 12 hour layover in Delhi overnight, which could have been long and agonizing, but luckily I had 4 other people there with me. Card games, crossword puzzles and magic masala ensued. Right by where we were camped out was a vending machine, with magi masala lays potato chips. I, of ourselves HAD to try this. Ever notice that a lot of potato chip flavors in other countries have a similarity to BBQ, but are actually WAY better? This was the spicy indian version.

We had a very short flight from Delhi to Kathmandu. I was told before leaving the gates that as soon as i landed at the Delhi airport I would feel like I was in south Asia. With the new airport here, it felt like I could have been anywhere in the states. So it wasn’t until we actually landed in Kathmandu that I truly felt like I had gone anywhere. Upon leaving the airport I got my first taste of Nepal traffic, definitely everything everyone told me it was going to be!

It was raining when we arrived and did so all day. It is, after all, monsoon season. In fact, it was beautifully sunny out until about 10 minutes ago, when out of no where it started pouring. So alas, instead of heading back to my flat or wandering around some, you all are getting an update while i wait for it to lighten up a bit.

After a few arrival meetings at the office, securing a local cell phone and getting a tour of some of the other apartments people were in, my roommate and I arrived at out apartment. We quickly went off in searh for food, trying to head to the major street and area with restaurants near our apartment. We didn’t know it until today, but we headed in the completely wrong direction, and we ended up much further to a place with far less things. Not all was lost though, as we found a restaurant with momos! Excellent first meal to have in Nepal. If you don’t know what they are, I suggest you google them and find a place to eat them. They are excellent.

So that is my first day in a not so small nutshell.

On a fashion note, i’ve already noticed the interesting collection of clothing that everyone wears. It ranges from very western, to very Nepalese, to anywhere in between. If any girls in the US have to wear uniforms to school and don’t like it, they should get there schools to copy the uniforms here. The skirts are actually cute!

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