spiders love me

…and i’m pretty sure they know that i’m terrified of them.

So they taunt me accordingly.

Pictured are a few of the spiders I’ve seen.  They may not seem terrifying to you, because they actually look more like blobs than spiders.  Turns out my small camera does not zoom very well and there was no way I was actually going to get that close to the spider.

The one on the curtain was about 1 1/2″ in diameter and very hairy.  My wonderful roommate managed to trap this one and get it outside.  That was last night.  This morning, I woke up to another spider on my wall that was almost as large in my room (not pictured as I ran out of the room rather than have a photoshoot).  I’ve been told that once it’s out of monsoon season is when you are supposed to see huge hairy spiders (and apparently there can be HUGE spiders here).  I’m thinking this does not bode well for me.

On to other creepy crawly notes.  We have also entered into a water roach problem in our bathroom and an ant problem in our kitchen.  Needless to say, we need to have someone get in here and clean right away (not so great coming into an apartment that wasn’t taken care of to begin with) and get a didi (maid) right away to maintain it for us.  I think these are definitely issues we can take care of and in reality our apartment is kind of cute (we are already starting to make it look like home).  Plus, it’s within walking distance of most things we need!

Perhaps by the end of the year I will have beaten my fear of spiders and will want to have a tarantula as a pet?  Probably not, but maybe my state will improve some…

2 thoughts on “spiders love me

  1. i chatted with kerry yesterday and she told me about your less-than-ideal apartment situation. hopefully you guys get that sorted out soon!

    if it makes you feel any better, i used to have a horrible, irrational fear of spiders… and then i spent a year in india. i’m still not crazy about them, but i no longer run out of the room screaming when i see one!

  2. Aw, poor B. I hope that the bug situation gets better! Sounds like you are enjoying the beginnings of your adventure though! Love to you!

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