getting my hands wet

Last week I had my first workshop related to making and working on textiles.  The Felt Industries Association of Nepal put on a three-day workshop for local businesses and handicraft groups to learn some felting techniques.

As I learned in this workshop, the felt industry in Nepal is one of the only handicraft industries here that is actually growing right now with how the global economy is.  With this being the case, the point of the workshop was to teach new skills to these groups so that they can have more to work with for export.

We worked with both wet felting and needlepoint felting.  While I’ve done both before, my needlepoint felting abilities are far above my wet felting abilities.  I guess that’s how it is when I needlepoint felted for my collection everyday for 6 straight months.

The instructor was a Japanese woman who has been here for the last two years working on her textiles and will be here for another 6 months.  She was very interesting and I’m looking forward to meeting with her again to see everything that she is working on and to get her input on the textile industry here in Nepal.

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photos (c) Bethany Meuleners

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