it’s a small world after all

Once again, I’ve been crazy out of touch with this blog.  We can blame it on my parents and Raj.  Who both came to visit since my last post (Raj even arrived on the very same day my parents left).

Their visits were great and I still managed to get a lot of work done even while getting to visit with them—which I would call a great success!  So a few things did have to fall to the wayside—this blog being one of them.

Now I am back, and you can expect to see a lot of updates, because you can’t go 3 weeks in this country without accumulating some great stories and photos.

I’ll start you off by reminding you all of how small this world is.

First off, it’s nearly impossible to walk through the streets of Kathmandu without running into someone you know.  It’s even more impossible to walk through the streets of Lakeside in Pokhara without running into someone (whether it’s the tourist you met at dinner the night before or everyone you know in Kathmandu has descended upon Pokhara at the exact same time…for my BRC folks…think Friday night at Opulent Temple)

…and I thought San Francisco was small!

This past week I made my way to Pokhara.  Part visit with Raj and relaxation and part work (more on that later).  Over the course of the week, I managed to run into or spend time with 7 different people I knew from Kathmandu (some I knew about, some were a surprise).  Not to mention the people I met in Pokhara last time, or the new batch of tourists for the week.

The most surprising run in of the week: running into people from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

En route between happy hours with friends, I noticed somewhat familiar faces walking past me.  I stopped and realized they were people I recognized from the hallways of 180 New Montgomery (the fashion building at school).  Turns out, they were Delphina and Camille who have been in Bangladesh for the last few months on a textiles internship.  They were in Pokhara for vacation (and it was Delphina’s birthday) and had arrived that day.  They may have originally started off on my side of the world, but it was still pretty crazy to run into them in Pokhara.

Later in the evening we all met back up and went to Busy Bee and a few other places on the main street in Lakeside.  Here’s a photo of all of us:

One thought on “it’s a small world after all

  1. Love it – Asia always presents little gifts like this.
    It’s great to see a photo of everyone and good to hear that Delphina and Camille are also taking advantage of the opportunities to explore neighboring countries. – E

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