sparkly sweater vests

Yes…sparkly sweater vests…  When I first saw a guy wearing one of these, I had to look twice.  It’s not just a little sparkle.  It’s full on lurex infused sweater knits.  On men.  I thought that it might just be a fluke, but then I started noticing more and more men, of all ages, wearing them.  That’s when I realized, that this really is a trend/style here.

Here’s a picture of a coconut street vendor sporting the look:

Don't know what to put on in the morning? OF COURSE! The sparkly sweater vest.

This Christmas, rather than an ugly sweater party, I’ll just have a sparkly sweater vest party.  Though, curiously enough, they don’t seem to make them for women?

From this strange trend phenomena stemmed my most recent Himalayan Times article.

I’ve been having a great time with writing the column, which is a part of the Friday lifestyle section of the paper.  I’ve just submitted my 6th article for publication.  In last week’s article I introduced an e-mail for readers to e-mail in and ask questions or give comments.  I’ve already started receiving some and I am starting to incorporate the questions into my articles 🙂

The site finally has it so that I can put links to individual articles on here (you couldn’t even search for them on the site before!).

To fill you in on past articles though, here are some photographs (don’t have a scanner here) of my first 5 articles:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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