eleephonts and rhinos and crocodeels, oh my

I was lucky enough to have my parents visiting me in Nepal for 9 days.

We had a lot of fun the whole time they were here, but one of the highlights was going to Chitwan National Park.  We stayed at Temple Tiger Lodge inside the park.

Don’t be deceived by the name, hardly ever is there an actual tiger siting here, or really anywhere else in the park.  Unfortunately, due to poaching, there are only around 110 tigers in the entire park.  The odds of you seeing a tiger are probably about the same as getting struck by lightening.

We did however see plenty of elephants (or eleephonts as the locals say), rhinos, wild boars, spotted deers, monkeys (though I think there are more at Swayambu), jackals, and even some crocodiles (crocodeels).  We didn’t see any leopards either (though we were assured the lay-o-pards did actually exist as well).

Our activities while in the park included several eleephont rides, watching an eleephont bath, an eleephont feeding, a boat ride, a jeep safari, a nature walk through the woods, and several wildlife talks at night.  This was all rounded out by sitting and eating and having a few drinks in the Roundhouse with my parents (mom had coke (no diet available) of course).

My favorite informative story about the park?  On our way out of Chitwan our guide told us about the rogue wild eleephont that they fondly call Romeo.  He roams through the park and makes visits to all of the “beautiful lady eleephonts”.  Apparently, he’s to blame for the accident baby eleephonts popping up all over the place 22 months later…

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photos (c) Bethany Meuleners

2 thoughts on “eleephonts and rhinos and crocodeels, oh my

  1. Your Dad visited briefly on Thursday, Dec 2 to celebrate an early 91st birthday to Grandma M. We enjoyed the visit as usual, especially the discussion about their visit with you recently. Consequently, this posting has a more special meaning to us. Barb was given an early birthday gift of a promise for air fare to Scott and Melissa’s wedding. That should make it an even more complete family gathering.

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