here a square, there a square

Everywhere a square, square!

Nope, I’m not talking about Spare a Square Day 2010.  Which my friends and I made a real holiday here in Nepal this past fall (if you really want this story, you’ll have to ask me directly… 😉 ).

I’m talking about Durbar Squares.

Back in the day, the Kathmandu Valley was separated into four different kingdoms: Kantipur (now Kathmandu), Lalitpur (which is where the current Patan is), Kirtipur and Bhaktapur.  In Kantiupr, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur there are Durbar Squares.  Durbar means palace and it is where the palace and an array of different temples are located.  Over the months I have been able to visit all three.

Bhaktapur is in the best condition, with Patan running second and Kathmandu last.  They are all pretty amazing places, so I wanted to share some photos with you!


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photos (c) Bethany Meuleners (except where otherwise noted)

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