get off your layers in style

I know what you’re thinking…but really, this was a title of one of my newspaper articles…  When I first saw it in the paper, I was like OH NO!  People are going to read that and think i’m telling people how to strip in style.  And that is SO not ok for this country!

In all reality, it was just Nepali English and most people reading it, probably did not think it was strange at all.  Let’s just say, that now I try to send in article title ideas.

In any case, this particular article was all about what to do with your layers when you go from the frigid morning into the warm afternoon.  Where do they go?  How do you do it while still being at least somewhat fashionable?  You don’t want to ditch the layers, because you are going to need them when it gets cold again.  This is a major problem here in Kathmandu and definitely is in San Francisco as well (though in SF it’s more, what do I do with the layer when I turn onto a different street…).  I had several readers write in and ask me about this very thing, so I decided to write an article about it.

Basically, the gist of the article without going into a long 500 word article about it, is that shawls are the way to go.  In San Francisco, I always had a scarf, but after coming here, I realize that when it really gets cold, that shawls are the way to go.  Almost every woman, and many men here have them.  You can wrap yourself in them and stay incredibly warm, while remaining fashionable.  There are 8 million colors and motifs to choose from.  The best part, is that even with a medium sized bag, you have a place that is big enough to store it when you aren’t wearing it.  Even when it is 35 degrees (F) a light jacket and a shawl are enough to keep me warm.  It’s pretty great!

Here are some photos from the shawl market in Kathmandu (these are just a few, but there are SO many shawls to choose from) and some of people wearing shawls (even my friend Simon wearing my shawl).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

photos (c) Bethany Meuleners

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