new york day two

In my last post I promised that I’d be posting on New York fashion week throughout the week while it happened.  Due to some events and just life in general in Nepal, I definitely failed on following through with that promise.  So now, a bit late, I’m posting my favorites from the rest of New York Fashion Week.

Friday, Feb. 11 (day two):

Academy of Art

I have to start off with a shout out to my graduate school, the Academy of Art University and the recent graduates (and friends) that showed at Lincoln Center.  The designers for the Fall 2011 show were Dejchat Sryihoopum, Stephanie Gelot, Minha Yoon, Holly Smith, Hurst Chang-Wei Lin, Jonathan David Baker, and Aura Taylor..  I feel very lucky to have graduated from a school that produces such great shows every season!  While I may be a bit biased, this season was once again filled with great talent and fabulous designs.

Check out the full video of the show here.


from left: Dejchat Sryihoopum, Stephanie Gelot, Jonathan David Baker, and Aura Taylor

Jason Wu

His theme for this collection was “baroque meets sportswear” and as put it, he did it well.  I have to say though, that to me it was a bit “baroque meets black swan”.  Maybe it was just the pieces at the end with the lace headpieces and the feather dresses.  Either way, I pretty much loved the whole collection.


a selection of looks from the Jason Wu Fall 2011 collection



Rag and Bone

Loved the colors, the mixing of patterns, and the reinvention of different types of garments. Something about this collection makes me want to go out and put on a pair of these leggings/pants, grab a cane and a bowler hat and pretend like i’m in A Clockwork Orange.  Anyone else?


a selection of looks from the Rag and Bone Fall 2011 collection





a selection of looks from the Doo.Ri Fall 2011 collection




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