on the road again…

and just as I get back in the habit of blogging again…I’m on the road again.

Heading off to Pokhara for a trek.  The next few months are already looking to be crazy with workshops, designing, visitors, and trips…so it was beginning to look like trekking was going to be out of the question (which is a travesty for being in Nepal).  So when I got the opportunity to go for a short trek and actually have someone to trek with, I jumped on it!

So on that note, I’ll be back with more updates on fashion weeks and adventures in Nepal next week (for at least a few days…that is, until I’m off to Goa:) ).

2 thoughts on “on the road again…

  1. Have a wonderful trek and take lots o’ photos! I’m envious that you are going to Goa…do stop by Wendell Rodrick’s boutique and say hello for me – he’s one of India’s top designers and is based in Goa (he used to live in SF too and knows AAU). xoE

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