uniformly uniform

One of the things that I love in this country are the school uniforms.  Every single child (no matter where they live or how wealthy their family is) wears a uniform to school.

I know in the US a lot of private schools have uniforms, but there is just something different about the uniforms here.  I never looked at uniforms in the US and went, wow, those are pretty awesome (certainly not when I was at an age to be wearing them at least).  However, here I constantly do.  There is just something about them that makes the kids look so well put together and, well, stylish.  Maybe it’s the socks.  Or maybe it’s the fact that the length of the skirt is not becoming creepily short (though there are still the teenage girls who push the limits).  Or it’s the color combinations (and in every neighborhood and every school, the colors are different).  I really can’t pinpoint it.

I have been thinking this since I first arrived in Nepal, but just never blogged about it.  Then, while I was in the mountains on my trek I started noticing that even there, the uniforms were out in full force and it rekindled my want to blog about it.  I unfortunately, was not able to get a good shot of people in the mountains.  Though I will include my one attempt.  Clearly, climbing stairs with a pole in one hand and trying to take a photo in the other (which happened to be my left, and i’m definitely a righty) does not work so well!

attempt at fashion photography in the mountains
some school kids in Lazimpat (my neighborhood)
school children in Boudha
attempt at fashion photography while driving through Chitwan

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