crocodiles, amazing fashion designers, and salwar pants (a week in goa)

oh, and presentations 🙂

Last week I spent 5 days in Goa.  How on earth was I lucky enough to have 5 days there?

We had a regional conference there where we were presenting our research thus far.  Most of our days were filled with conferencey things, but I can’t really complain because it was an almost all expenses paid trip to GOA!

I didn’t make it to the beach during the week.  I know, I know.  I have heard it before.  “How on EARTH were you in Goa for a week and not make it to the beach?”  As I said, our days were mostly filled with conferencey things (including the fact that, as most of you know, i’m a procrastinator, so I didn’t actually finish my powerpoint until the night before my presentation).  However, I did get to do some fun non-conferencey things as well, so no fret!

When we arrived at our hotel on the first night (the Vivanta by Taj in Panaji—-man were we lucky to be staying there!!) there was a welcome reception and dinner on the roof.  Great food and sitting by an infinity pool with WARM weather—perfect!

(disclaimer—I didn’t get any photos of the actual hotel itself, so you’ll have to check out the website.  i’m totally failing as my mother’s daughter)

The next morning we had several welcome speeches and then the presentations began (my friend Ben was lucky enough to be in the first panel on the first day–though that gave him no time for procrastination like those of us on the last day).  In the evening we had a dinner at the other Vivanta by Taj at Fort Aguadas.  This place was gorgeous and was on a cliff right on the water.  I atleast got to SEE the beach!

view from the cliff
the beach!
more of the beach

Day 2 was filled with more presentations and then HB, Kerry and I went to meet our friend Joe at his hotel for dinner.  I wish I had taken a photo, but I had some of the BIGGEST tiger prawns I have ever seen in my life—tandoori style.  Following dinner we proceeded to one of the river boat casinos and played craps until the wee hours (luckily, at this point, we had finished preparing for our presentations the next morning).

Day 3 was the last day of presentations, which was the day that I had mine.  Following the second session of presentations for the day, I headed out on a 40 minute taxi ride to go to North Goa.  My dear friend Edith, had gotten me in contact with a Goan fashion designer by the name of Wendell Rodricks.  She thought that we might be able to meet up while I was there.  Once I was in Goa, I contacted him and he invited me over for lunch!  We had some Goan food in the backyard of his BEAUTIFUL portuguese house.

the only view you'll get of his awesome house (privacy is important!)

After lunch, Wendell continued to offer up his amazing kindness (and just amazingness in general) and offered to take me and my friends out on his boat!  So we drove back to Panaji, picked up my friends and took a ride down the river on his speed boat.  On the ride we were able to see HUGE crocodiles, lots of beautiful birds, and an amazing sunset (topped off with some V&Ts).

GIANT crocodile!
beautiful sunset

So outside of the fact that Wendell is just an amazing person and insanely kind  and sharing, he’s also an amazing designer!  Check out Edith’s recent blog post about him and his website to see his awesomeness 🙂

The next day was our final day.  I went out on a mission (a shopping mission) with Kerry.  Along the way we went to lunch with a new friend who is on a grant in Kyrgyzstan.  I, of course, relished in the fact that I had access to seafood and ate fried calamari, grilled calamari, prawn soup and some mussels.  AMAZING.  Unfortunately, I was not as forward thinking as Kerry to take photos of my food before I devoured it.  Following lunch, Kerry and I went to Fab India.  I decided (especially as a designer and all around lover of clothes) that I needed to purchase some Indian clothing while I was in India (and Nepali clothing is similar, and I really should have a little more local looking clothing).  So I went CRAZY on salwar pants.  I got a few dupattas (long scarves) and kurtas (tunics) as well.  But really, it was all about the salwars.

That evening we flew to Mumbai for an overnight layover (unfortunately nothing too exciting there—we were staying by the airport and had to get up at 4 am!).  The next morning we flew back to Kathmandu.  I wore my salwar pants.  I am forever changed.  I don’t think I will EVER travel in anything else.

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