collaboration and creativity: knitting

The continuation of the wearable art workshop was this past weekend as a part of the Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival (NIIFF).  The whole workshop and exhibition was a success.  The artists received great reviews of the wearable art pieces from the previous workshop and we got many people stopping by our tent to see us at work.

For this workshop, we used knitting as a main technique and followed with the strength of women theme.  We used jute rope as our main material as it is a local and natural material and not one traditionally used for clothing/knitting.  Along with many of the same artists and designers from the last workshop, we had other local and indigenous women who joined in.  The collaboration of the experience from the participants of the previous workshop and the fresh perspectives and techniques made for a really great working group.

The design represents the the groundedness women have to their roles, their families and their communities as well as the freedom they are able to create for themselves.  The knitting represents the communities that women are a part of (including the community of women) and how they are made stronger by joining forces with those around them.

Enjoy some photos from the workshop and the final presentation!

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