fashion trekking

After doing my short trek in the Annapurnas (the Poon Hill trek) I basically became obsessed with (read: inspired by) the tiered farming in the hills, the different layers of textures, shapes and colors that you see in the hillsides and mountains, and the interesting people you meet along the way.  This led to many ideas and inspiration for the collection that I am designing.  So naturally, I wanted to get out there to get more photos and ideas.

So another trek was planned—this time to the Langtang region which is just north of the Kathmandu Valley.  When I say just north, I only mean distance wise (it’s something like 170 km away), not length of travel time wise.  That 170 km took 10 hours by local bus to get there.  Outside of local busses the only option is dropping a good amount of money (around $100/person) to take a jeep up (which takes just as long, as the roads are narrow and windy and there isn’t much room for passing the slow busses—it is just marginally more comfortable).  Needless to say, the 265 rupee (about $3.50) bus seemed to be the better option.

Word for the wise—when making this decision, please, please book your ticket in advance.  Otherwise, you end up in the back row of the bus being thrown 3 feet in the air every time you go over a bump (and by every time, I mean every 30 seconds).  You may also be unfortunate enough to end up in the middle seats in the back row, which means you also have a 50% chance at any given time of someone landing in your lap or just sitting on your feet.  We quickly learned the reason why the Langtang trek wasn’t as popular with the tourists.

view from the back of the bus

However, the trek was totally amazing and totally worth the nightmarish bus ride (and we learned our lesson and booked our tickets ahead of time for the ride back—we sat “comfortably” towards the front of the bus for the 10 hour return ride).  As always, I was totally inspired and amazed by the scenery and everything I saw and took tons of pictures.  Here is a sampling:

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