bandipur inspirations

Back in April I was fortunate enough to have my parents come to visit me for the second time this year!  We went on a week long adventure outside of the valley and Bandipur was one of the places we made a stop.  To get an idea about my love for this quaint little town, here is an excerpt from a recent article of mine:

This past week I made a short visit to the town of Bandipur on my way to Pokhara.  This may seem like a somewhat odd thing to bring up in a column about style and fashion, but I tend to find inspirations and connections to design everywhere.  This visit was no exception.

What I love about Bandipur is the way the town holds onto its history and architecture while much of the rest of Nepal and the rest of the world fervently moves forward with new ways to build up their communities and boost their tourism.  Sometimes these new ways are driven by technology and innovation, which create impressive monuments to modernism and forward thinking.  Sometimes these new ways are driven by the need for speed and the saving of money—which often times leads to lesser quality and more superficial improvements.

It is great that in the midst of all of this, one small town realizes the power and beauty of what they already have and rather than completely change to match what is going on around them, they are standing strong and saying: “Check out what we have to offer!”  This is not to say that they are not making improvements and some changes to keep up with the changing world.  The architecture style has remained the same, but they are doing renovations and structural improvements.  New guest houses and hotels are being put in place to handle the tourism coming through—but they are being done in renovated Newari houses rather than garish new concrete buildings.

This is a great metaphor for the fashion industry.  With fashion, there is always the fight between moving forward to improve the production of fashion and to find new and innovative ideas for the design and sticking with the tried and true ideas and methods of the past.  As with everything (and just like with Bandipur) there is always a middle ground that needs to be found.

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