i’m going downtown

This coming week is Amsterdam International Fashion week.  As a part of it, they have a Downtown program that is open to the public which started on Friday.

On Friday, I stopped by two of the places that are participating in the Downtown program.  The first was “When Art Meets Fashion: Dutch Transformations” at Galerie Rademakers.  Friday was the first day of this gallery show, so it was still being set up when I went, but they had some interesting paintings as a part of the exhibit.  My favorite was the one with the antlers and the fabulous white coat.  I unfortunately missed out on the actual fashion presentation, but you can check that out here.

Afterwards, I visited the Maison Descartes/ Institut Francais.  As the Downtown Fashion Week web says about the show: “Francoise Andr\u00e9 and her collective of artists present a unique menswear collection inspired by the sailors and navigators world. In partnership with the Rietveld Academy and Swarovski.”  Of course, because this presentation was predominantly knits and lace, I enjoyed it.

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In addition to going to the public events, I’ll be trying to go to a few of the official AIFW events/shows this week as well.  I’ve got two of them on my schedule and I’ll make sure to post on here about them (and hopefully more).

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