marlien kulsdom

On Monday, I decided to make my way to the fashion illustration presentation at Charlie + Mary, which is a fair trade/sustainable clothing shop here in Amsterdam.

They had a some of Marlien Kulsdom’s fashion illustrations set up around the shop (I think most of them were for sale) as well as a display section with some cards for purchase (I got a few).  This was their contribution to the Amsterdam Fashion Week Downtown program.

I liked Marlien’s use of color in combination with black and white in her illustrations.  She is also great with detail and a certain amount of realism in her illustrations—something that is a departure from how I work with my illustrations (I work in an almost cartoony manner with my illustrations).

Check out Marlien’s website.  She has images of her illustrations there as well as examples of her other work (graphics, designing).  I like the set up of her website as a portfolio site.

Also check out the Charlie + Mary site.  I liked the store a lot (they’ve got a great mission and concept with the fair trade/sustainable aspect)—-they even had a coffee/cake cafe in the back!  If I ever open a store, I always wanted some sort of cafe/bar thing going on (Wendell Rodricks’ stores in India have a bar)—so it’s nice to see it working.

Here are some photos of the cards I bought.

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