roya hesam and zem

This morning, I went to the Roya Hesam and ZEM fashion show, which is a part of the official AIFW program.  This show was a part of their “Fashion Week Labs”, which is a presentation platform for young, up and coming designers.  AIFW has the Labs shows in the smaller venue, Machinegebouw, so it is a smaller setting (only two rows of seating and the rest standing room).  The room was filled and there was plenty of press photographers to get the photos the rest of us can’t get.

While the ZEM collection was menswear and the Roya Hesam collection was womenswear, there were definitely some common threads through both.  Each collection had a somewhat minimalist approach, used neutral and pastel shades, and incorporated sheer fabrics.

The ZEM collection was inspired by classic mens beachwear and even had the finishing touch of sand on the face of the men (errr, should I actually call them boys?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such pubescant male models before…).

Out of the two, I liked Roya Hesam’s collection was my favorite.  Her collection consisted of jumpsuits, dresses, pleated wide pants and woven tops.  I enjoyed the backless pieces and the sheer fabrics.

The last look was my favorite.

For a better view of the collections, check out some of the press photos here.

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