shanghai gesture

I dropped by the Museum Willet-Holthuysen, which is an old historic canal-side house that was built in the 17th century.  It was donated to the city about 200 years later and was then turned into a museum.  The reason I decided to venture over to the museum was because there is currently a fashion exhibit on display that is a part of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week Downtown Program.

The exhibit is “Shanghai Gesture” and is curated by Alexander Van Slobbe.

The AIFW Downtown site describes the exhibit:  “Museum Willet-Holthuysen presents the exhibition Shanghai Gesture curated by Alexander van Slobbe. The famous designer van Slobbe shows the results of workshops he held in Shanghai on the background of the World Expo for Dutch and Chinese designers.”

Throughout the house they had different garments and fabrics, photos and sketches of the processes of different pieces, photos from the photoshoots in the house, and students’ graphic design/textile design books on display.  The interior of the house was a great backdrop for the textile and clothing and made the exhibit that much more interesting.

Truth be told, out of the Downtown Program presentations/exhibits I have been to so far, this was my favorite.  I liked what was on display and how it was presented.  It was an actual exhibit.  Some of the other downtown programs seemed to be more advertising, as a way to bring foot traffic into their shops/bars/etc.  I don’t blame them, advertising is advertising and foot traffic is foot traffic…but I wished there would have been a little more going on to give it reason to be a part of a fashion program.

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