generation 12

Friday night was the Generation 12 fashion show at AIFW.  This was a runway show presenting the 10 piece collections of 5 recent masters students from ArtEZ Institute for the Arts.

Seeing as I showcased my masters collection at New York Fashion Week last year, I was excited to be at another graduate show at another Fashion Week.  It’s great to see what other recent graduates are designing and how the show is put on (including the differences—the good and the bad from the academy show).  In many ways, it made me miss my experience last year (I can’t believe it’s already been a year and a half!!).

This show was in the larger venue and had much more room for guests.  In a lot of ways the set up reminded me of the set up the Academy does for their annual Spring graduation fashion show, which is where the bachelor’s graduates showcase their collections.

All in all it was a good showing from each of the designers.  Though, my favorites were the two menswear collections by Jonathan Christopher (his use of fur was great) and Zhengzheng Li (his use of knits and colors were great).

Here is a shot of each designer I got from the show.  But of course, for better shots (and to see the whole collections), check out this link.

Nick Rosenboom “Sad Parade”

Jonathan Christopher “Personatus”

Hanna Siwecki “irotsuya”

Zhengzhheng Li “subconsciousness”

Yona van Mansfeld “Elusive Clashing”

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