Last week I made it down to Tilburg, Netherlands to check out the Audax Textile Museum.  The museum has several exhibits on display as well as a completely amazing textile lab (more on that one later!).

One of the exhibits was a new temporary one called iFabric.  This exhibit showcases the works of younger European designers in the fields of textiles, fashion and interiors.  Some of the designers are/were students at some of the most prestigious design schools in Europe—including Central St. Martins in London, Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and Design Academy Eindhoven.  In addition to students, there were some young designers who were a part of the museum’s own European Textile Trainees program on display.  The European Textile Trainees program allows for young designers to undertake a working residency in the Textile Lab.

The exhibit was really interesting because it showcased a huge variety of different textile techniques—everything from traditional weaving, knitting and dying techniques to incorporating new technologies and science (there were even some collaborations with chemists and biologists).  Designers played with color, light, organisms, movement and even imitating human hair.

Check out some of the photos that I took of the exhibit.

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