fashion week merchandise

One of the things I did as a consultant for Nepal Fashion Week was to design merchandise for sale.  We started out this year with a limited number of special edition shirts and are hoping to add to the assortment for next year.  Here’s a photo of one of the models wearing one of the shirts.

prep week in review



In the week leading up to the event, everyday was filled with preparations.  We had hair and make up trials, fittings, runway practices, merchandise review, our press conference, parties with sponsors.  It was a busy week.  Check out the photos below to see some of what was going on in our busy lives!

make up trial
hair trial
days 2 look after the trial
model fitting
model fitting
short break for the birthdays of two of our models






and so it begins…

After months of working leading up to it, Nepal Fashion Week, is finally here.  Tonight marks the first night of four of the biggest fashion event in Nepal.  And this year, will be the best year of the event so far.  We’ve got some great designers, great models and the production is the best Nepal has seen.

I will post photos as the days come; both of the event and some of the fitting photos with the models and designers (don’t want to post them ahead of time, will ruin the surprise 😉 ).

And we’re off!