amstyle: westergasfabriek

Yeah, yeah I know.  It’s been a while (ok, one could say forever).  I’ve been traveling with just my iPad and currently the iPad wordpress app crashes every time I try to post a photo (hear that wordpress?!?).  So I’ve been unable to post these photos until now.

I am back with my beloved computer and am now able to post the photos I took of street style at Amsterdam International Fashion Week.  I had a great time taking snapshots of the people outside of the event (though the day it was sunny, I definitely had the most fun!).

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sheguang hu

The last show that I went to on Friday was the Sheguang Hu show.  This by far was the most dramatic of all of the shows I went to.

The show started with a movie showing the designer taking a large piece of fabric and creating it into a dress right on the model.  Of course, right as the movie ended with the model on the screen all done up with hair and make up, that same model stepped out onto the runway.  The large collection hard pieces with ruffles, dramatic skirts, high/stand up collars, bright colors.  For those that like eye candy and a lot of detail, this was the show for them.  The jewelry shown with the collection was by Rodrigo Otazu.

For myself, while I liked many of the pieces, the entire collection together was a bit over the top—it took some of the grandeur away from the most dramatic pieces that were meant to be show stoppers.

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Check out all the looks here.

frans molenaar prijs

The second show I went to on Friday was the Frans Molenaar Prijs show.  This was a show that featured the finalists in the Frans Molenaar award and then announced the winner at the end.  I always like seeing new designers and often times they tend to have some of the better designs (certainly the case with the shows I saw at AIFW).

Here is a look from each of the designers:

William Fan

Anne Bosman

Magnus Dekker

Marius op ‘t Eynde

Geo Timmerman

The winner was Magnus Dekker, whose collection was my favorite of the bunch.  Check out this link to see all of his looks.


play and pose: charlotte kan

I’m a bit late in posting about the events I went to last Friday (July 15) as a part of AIFW, as I was visiting some friends in Paris.

The first event was Play & Pose by Charlotte Kan, where she presented her collection with a public photo shoot.  The concept behind the photo shoot was to bring in 10 Dutch fashion bloggers and have them pair pieces from the Spring 2012 collection with items from their own wardrobes (what they were wearing).  The photo shoot was done outside with the park area and the entrance area of fashion week as the backdrop.

I thought it was an interesting way to present her collection to the public (and it really was public, no tickets were needed as it was outside of the event), and it definitely got a lot of attention and interest and set her apart from the other shows because it was a different setting and concept.  However, I don’t know if it was actually the best way to show off her clothes.

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