amstyle: westergasfabriek

Yeah, yeah I know.  It’s been a while (ok, one could say forever).  I’ve been traveling with just my iPad and currently the iPad wordpress app crashes every time I try to post a photo (hear that wordpress?!?).  So I’ve been unable to post these photos until now.

I am back with my beloved computer and am now able to post the photos I took of street style at Amsterdam International Fashion Week.  I had a great time taking snapshots of the people outside of the event (though the day it was sunny, I definitely had the most fun!).

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happy dance and amstyle

So I’m doing my happy dance, because I’m back up and running with my computer.  Feels like it’s been forever!  Going two weeks without my computer has made me realize how addicted to it I am…and also how bad of a typer I am on my iPad…

‘amstyle’ will be my street style section for my photos here in Amsterdam.  Couldn’t really follow through with the same title style as for kathmandu (kss) as that might cause a few problems with the initials…

I will continue to post photos from Kathmandu on occasion (still have a whole pile of photos from my year there) but expect a lot of updates from Amsterdam.

To start you off…it’s sale season in Amsterdam.  Every store you go by has a sale display in the window…

my the didi reminds me of Nepal